While we wait…

While we wait for the next selection day, I thought, you know what would make the wait better? A picture of these sweet faces! Stay tuned for peeks of Lilli’s little ones later this week!

Cheers, H

Next selection June 5th!

One of Lilli’s little boys!

Selection is complete for Nova’s puppies! The site and Expectant family page has been updated!

If you weren’t called and you are on the waitlist (you will know because you sent a deposit), the next selection is June 5th! You will know you are being called because there will be an IN next to your name!

You can expect the selection content for Lilli & Summer to go up June 3rd!

Cheers, H

Selection content is uploaded!

Being washed, fluffed, temperament tested and filmed is exhausting ♥️!

The main site is updated with pictures and video of Nova’s puppies! Selection begins tomorrow, so excited! Remember, the Expectant family page & the site will update as I progress in phone calls.

Cheers, H

Look at these cuddle puddles!

It’s me, Heather! You have been waiting for an update, and boy do I have one! Things have been busy here at Lillybits and I am ready to share our news! We have new arrivals and everyone is thriving. I am so happy with the selection, just beautiful little ones! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some glimpses in our stories.

If you are on the wait list, here is what you need to know:

Nova & Xander pups

  • born 4/26/22
  • 4 boys 3 girls
  • selection is 5/28/22
  • go home date range 6/22- 6/28

Summer & Chewie pups

  • born 5/6/22
  • 2 boys 2 girls
  • selection is 6/5/22
  • go home date range is 7/2 – 7/6

Lilli & Eli pups

  • born 5/7/22
  • 4 boys 1 girl
  • selection is 6/5/22
  • go home date range is 7/2 – 7/6

If you are looking at this post, you are on the wait list and are now counting names… know this…. don’t count yourself out. People pass. It always surprises me! We really expect that with our current little ones and what is in the works that most families that are on the wait list as of the writing of this post will be welcoming their new family member by the end of Fall unless THEY CHOOSE to pass and extend their wait time.

What’s next you ask? I will be sending out an email today or tomorrow to everyone on the wait list. You will be asked if you “IN” for the puppies pictured above should the selection process move to your name. If you don’t respond to that email, you will not be included in our calls on selection day. So please, keep an eye out for the email! It always has “response needed” in the subject line.

I hope this update was encouraging. I am so excited for the process, these are our first pups of 2022!

LillyBits Update

Miss Lilli at the dog park the other day! We should see her first pups ever in 2022. A beautiful girl with a personality to match!

Hello! You may have noticed we don’t have a pitter patter update posted and be wondering when the next puppies will arrive.

Simply put, we are in a lull, currently awaiting honeymoons with no buns cooking in the ovens. We are watching very closely and believe that Xander will have some action soon 😉. I have reassured him too 🤣.

As soon as I have an update, I will share one. I hope this helps anyone who might feel in the dark! ♥️

So excited to work with each one of you to find your perfect match. I can’t say I’m not enjoying our lull and slower pace for now! Talk soon!