The Westnedge Family

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From Freda:

I remember getting a phone call from Heather while I was in California attending a funeral, it was a sad day, Heather made it a HAPPY one when she informed me that the puppy of my dreams was actually available to me! I almost dropped the phone (smile)!

I brought Holly home on the 15th of December and my life has never been the same. Holly is the BEST dog I have owned in my life. She came litter box trained and is amazing at using it, I have not had a problem from day one! Holly took all the stress of potty training out of the way for me and it’s thanks to the GREAT job that Heather does with training her puppies.

I am extremely thankful and love every minute with my sweet bundle of love. She looks up at me all the time with her gorgeous brown eyes as if to say “Mama, am I being a good girl?”. I wish she knew what I was saying when I reply to her. “Holly, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

I have said it so many times, to everyone I come in contact with, that I sound like a broken record, BUT, I’ll say it again: LillyBit dogs are exceptional! If you are thinking of adopting one of Heather’s puppies, you are about to make the BEST decision of your life.

Freda Westnedge, Longview, Wa

The Scullion Family

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Hi Heather,

We wanted to update you on our puppy – Arnie!  Arnie turned one about 3 weeks ago, and this past year with him has been such a blessing.  We feel so lucky that we found Lillybits. Arnie has the best personality and temperament!  He loves everyone, and is extremely friendly with both adults and children.  He also loves playing with all dogs – large and small!  He is a total hit at the dog park. Our vet commented immediately that he obviously had excellent breeding as he was really healthy and happy during our first vet visit.

Having Arnie come home litter and crate trained made a huge difference. Training him to go outside was quite easy; it was a natural transition from the litter.  During a recent heavy snow storm, we used the litter and it was so convenient to have that as an option.  In regards to the crate training that you do – thank you! He slept through the first night at home in his crate with only one potty break.  He still loves his crate, and retreats there when he’s tired and wants a nap.  Although now he falls asleep with us in bed, he is happy to also spend the night in his crate.

Thank you as well for all of your follow up since he’s come home.  It’s so nice knowing that we can still turn to you with any questions as Arnie grows older.

We look forward to bringing home another lillybit soon to join our pack!

Katie and Paul  

Gina & Sofi

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This is a partial re-post from Gina’s blog:  SofiTail:

I wish everyone could have a Lillybits experience! 

I could seriously go on and on about how phenomenal and nurturing Heather of LillyBits is.  I can say without equivocation that I know LillyBits is the best breeder out there, bar none.  And I can tell you that I will never get a puppy anywhere else.  Once you’ve had the best, there’s no comparison with the rest.

Sofi is the most amazing puppy.  She is well-mannered, sweet, and as close to potty trained as any 11-week old puppy can be. She is smart, responsive, and very cuddly.  She will let me touch her anywhere, paws, face, ears and I know that is because Heather and her family brushed and groomed and played with her daily.  She loves my nieces, and I know that is thanks to Heather’s being a constant in her life when she was first born.

Sofi seems ready to tackle the world, and that confidence comes from having a loving, nurturing environment filled with warmth and happiness.  Thank you to Heather and LillyBits.  I am forever in your debt. (I will try to repay you with lots of word of mouth and written recommendations and tons of photos of Sofi).       

The Steiner Family

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I could go on and on about how wonderful and cute our Mojo is but these little guys are bred to be cute and loving and we all think our own can’t be beat.  But what makes you the fabulous breeder that you are is the whole package. I’ve been so fortunate to come over and visit countless times and each and every time I walk away in awe of how you do it.  Your home is clean, never smells like dog, peaceful and filled with love. Your dogs are definitely your pets and each with their own loving personality yet so well behaved.  No wonder the puppies are so balanced from the time we get them – they have been pre-spoiled everyday of their lives – some two legged or four legged family member is always there to help them learn to be happy little puppies that besides everything else have learned the magic of finding the litter box most every single time from the moment they enter our homes.

The best part for me is the community you have formed without even setting out to do so. We have been fortunate to actually get a new best family of friends through our dogs and your support from the day the puppy leaves your home to in our case 3 years later is priceless. There are so many questions that come up that one doesn’t realize when picking that perfect puppy – poop questions, personality questions, grooming questions, poop questions, digging questions, chewing questions, poop questions…..and you have always been there to answer all of them.

We can’t thank you enough for filling our lives with Mojo and can’t wait for our Bean to join us in a few weeks.

Mike, Deb, Bean, and Mojo the Boo Steiner   

Arthur & Griffin

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From: Julie

When my 87 year old dad had to put his dog of 13 years down last fall, his world changed.  He lost a great friend and buddy.  We wall knew whatever new pet dad would choose would have big shoes to fill.  And then we found Griffin!!!  Griffin has settled into his new home with my dad, in fact, he’s about as loyal of a friend as you could ask for.  They bonded instantly.  He’s a great companion, loves to ride in the car and go for walks, but best of all, he just enjoys being near my dad.  He’s obedient and friendly and so well behaved.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Our dog, Molly, another LillyBit, enjoys her visits and playtime with Griffin.  Perfect pals in every way!!
Many thanks to you, Heather, and the love you have shared with this family!!!

Note from Heather: Griffin was the father to many of our wonderful Lillybits, including our Lilly! Retiring Griffin was one of the single most difficult things I have done since we started LillyBits. Griffin was born here. I am so happy for Arthur and Griffin, they were meant to be! 

The Mazer Family

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Heather, Kevin, and the entire family –

I can’t believe that our Cody has been home with us for two months already.  I have to say, from the moment we first spoke about your dogs, it has been a delightful experience, and very much worth the wait.  You were so patient, kind, and always informative while we eagerly awaited our turn to adopt a Lillybit baby.  I had done so much research into the mix and spoke to more breeders than I care to admit, but none came close to the quality and personal care of Lillybits.  And none as nice as you!

As a family with small children, we worried some about bringing a puppy into our house but you educated us and prepared us so well that it was seamless…and wonderful.  Our Cody, from the first second I took him out of his carrier at the airport,  was licking my face and wagging his tail!  I paced our house worrying all night and tracking the flight across the country, but Cody, he just adapted and was fine.  Our little guy spent 8+ hours in that carrier and was still happy as could be.  It was love at first sight…

Since then, his adjustment into our home has been easy.  Your skill, efforts, and attention yielded a dog with the greatest temperament I could possibly imagine.  He has an incredibly peaceful calm nature, is so playful, beautiful beyond words with a face that melts your heart, is smart and so affectionate.  At just over four months old, he is totally housebroken and just a joy in every way.  He is just amazing!  He has added so much laughter, happiness, and spunk to our family and we are aware that so much of his quality is due to the careful way you raise and breed your dogs.  Having never had a dog before, I could not have imagined it going so smoothly.

I know that while these puppies are born out of love, they are still a business – but in truth, we could never thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Cody.  He is one of our greatest gifts and joys.

Much love,

Jodi, Jason, Robbie, Danny, and Cody Mazer     

The Goodis Family

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From Codi:

My search for a reputable breeder of Shichons began almost a year ago. I discovered that there are a lot of not-so-great breeders out there for mixed breeds and became discouraged when I couldn’t find someone in the midwest that seemed to be a good fit for me. Then I found Heather. I immediately loved the website and all of the upfront information she gave about her breeding process and her home as well as all the cute photos of the parent dogs! What followed were several phone conversations and Heather drilling me with just as many questions as I was with her!

There are so many reasons why I chose Lillybits and I could go on and on forever. I love how Heather only has a few parent dogs so that she can give them all the love and care each ones need. She really knows every detail about her dogs and carefully selects the right parents that bring out the best qualities in the breed. The ultimate deal-maker were all the YouTube videos and the Facebook group. I spent hours watching the videos and looking at everyone’s photos. It was very helpful to be able to see all the different LillyBits and what they looked like full-grown as well as read all of the comments and discussions!! Every Lillybit is seriously adorable. I love the little LillyBits community and especially when Heather posts updates about the puppies and parents!

After months of waiting, I finally got my own LillyBit, Wally. He is everything I hoped for and more! He has the most unique and beautiful coat and is full of personality. Wally is a loving and playful guy, so sweet and smart (he’s already mastered several commands at 3 months). We can’t go two feet without being stopped by people. Wally is a pro with the litterbox and has not had one accident at night in his crate. He sleeps soundly through the night from 10:30pm-7am. Our vet said she was very impressed with all the care and love Heather puts into her puppies from day 1. I am so happy to have found Heather and the Lillybits community! Thank you!  

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