Hi Heather!

We wanted to let you know how Pablo the pup is doing in his new home since he made the journey to Fremont all of two weeks ago.  He’s nearing his 10 week birthday, and showing tremendous signs of intelligence, kindness and playfulness.  Some pictures of his first two weeks accompany this email.

His first night away was a pleasure, as his comfortable new crate and cozy sleeping quarters made for a smooth transition.  After some obvious separation pains on day two, he started to relax in his new home and with his new owners, showing of his peeing in the litterbox skills, taking inventory of his toys and storing them in his bed and generally posing for the camera and hamming it up.

Less than two weeks later, he’s walking on a leash around the house, showing off his ‘sit’ and ‘down’ skills and preparing for kindergarten in the coming week by socializing with 7 week old babies, hamburger chomping locals and the continuous flood of curious friends and family that can’t wait to spend some quality time with Pablo.

He’s even been allowed to join us into stores and restaurants that otherwise wouldn’t allow dogs, as the waiters and waitresses couldn’t resist his teddy bear charm.  Pablo knows how to woo the senoritas and siesta with the amigos.  Cinqo de Mayo, here we come!

More updates to come as Kindergarten is about to begin.  Pabi says hello to the family!

Jason and Nicole ~ Seattle, WA