Hi Heather,

Scooter is doing great!   Actually he’s a pretty lucky little puppy.   He comes to work every day with me where he enjoys playing with me and my staff when we need a little break.   Most of his time is spent sleeping at my feet under my desk.  I haven’t had him weighed in 3 weeks or so but he is due  for a vet checkup (last set of shots) where I will find out his new weight.  I’m guessing he’s about 7 – 8 lbs.

He’s been on several weekend trips, his favorite being a long drive to a wine tasting in Okanagan part of British Columbia in late April     This trip was perfect for him because we went with several other friends and all had cabins on the lake with a big grassy area for him to run around and chase us (his favorite thing to do).    We finally got to hear his cute bark on this trip too.  It occurred as he was running around on the grassy area and suddenly encountered  a duck which waddled up to about 4 feet from him and quacked.  Scooter’s 1st bark was actually a quack.    There’s been about a dozen barks since then and only when something alarms him.

I’ve ran into several people with him over the past few months who have asked me where I got him.  I’ve given them your name and contact info.  I don’t know if you’ve had any inquiries from any of them but some of them seemed rather serious.   I met one family at Wallingford Park whose kids played with him for quite a while (until they were all worn out).   I would be a little surprised if the parents didn’t contact you.     Scooter really is as close to the perfect puppy as one could ever hope to find.

Thanks for everything!

Dan – Seattle, Washington