Hello from San Diego,

We just spent some time visiting Lillybits.com as we do every so often to ooh and ahh over the new puppies and we wanted to give you an update on our sweet Maddie.  She continues to bring us so much joy!  She is cuddly and playful and funny and we all agree that adding her to our family was one of the best decisions we have made.  She loves everyone she meets and insists on saying hello.  She’s content to just hang out at home, but also loves to go to dog park and on playdates with her furry friends.  When we are all together in the evening, she spends a little time sitting with each one of us and makes sure to spread the love around so no one feels left out.  She truly warms our hearts and we are very thankful that she is ours.  We’re beginning to entertain the idea of adding one of her cousins to our home so she would have a live-in partner in crime.  Possibly this summer when we will all be at home to help with puppy-detail.  Thank you again, Lillybits for bringing Maddie-bear into our lives!  She’s a whole lot of love in a furry little bundle!

The Cates family & Maddie