Dear Heather and Kevin,
We are taken aback at the temperament and cuteness factor that Bertha and Bubba have! They arrived safely and happily into DC. Both puppies arrived in their crate clean and happy.

Our evening wasn’t as crazed as I had imagined because both puppies are so sweet tempered and are very quiet little puppies. They welcomed being passed between the three kids and two adults. Surprisingly, they don’t get antsy in our arms and are just happy to sit and lay on us.

They had free reign of the house all evening and have learned the key locations – their pen with a litter box, the kitchen where they eat, and their second litter box. Two minor accidents but that is because they were in transit to their litter boxes. Both puppies have successfully pee’d and pooped in their litter boxes. And now, as I am typing you, they are in their pen settling in for the evening, with minimal whining! It took them less than 20 minutes to get adjusted in their pen and are now fast asleep.

Bertha and Bubba were truly worth the wait!! We originally wanted one puppy, fell in love with two, and were very anxious about bringing two home. But I have to admit our first evening with them could not be as enjoyable if it were not for the love, care, and persistance that you all have with the puppies. They have exceeded our expectations on so many levels and are so excited to watch them grow.

Thank you!

Andy, Cheryll (Zoe, Caleb and Jonah too)