Hi Heather –

Just wanted to send you a quick note to update you on this perfect little puppy! Jasper has been sleeping all night since we brought him home and he’s pretty good with the litter box. I think he’d be perfect at it if I could have one in every room of the place. If it’s there, he uses it (such a smart boy!). And does he like to play!! He is speedy and smart (already figured out how to climb the stairs — surprised us all!). He has been an absolute joy!

He had his first check up today at our new vet (Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue — great place!) and after everyone “oohed and aahed” over him, the vet said he looked absolutely perfect and we’ll return in a couple of weeks for his 12 week shots. He’s eating, drinking (and pooping) well — he’s up to 3 lbs, 7 oz!

I think all the attention today wore him out, because he is (of course) napping away on my lap. Enclosed, please find the latest snoozing shots of him! Thank you again for such a wonderful little puppy — he has been a little ray of sunshine in our home!  Keep in touch!

Donna Smith & Family ~ Newcastle, WA

PS – I heard from the woman in Michigan and raved about Jasper and you — I told her that I couldn’t say enough about how great of a breeder you are…hopefully she didn’t think I was crazy after how much I talked (once you get me started on this puppy, I have a hard time knowing when to shut up!). But I made it very clear to her that I was in your home numerous times and what really sold us on you was the interaction of the pups, no cages whatsoever (I did tell her that you have a penned area for the pups in your home so they have quiet time with siblings and mom), and that your home is loving (#1), comforting, and clean! Hope that helps! Talk to you soon.