Hi Heather,

Here are a few pics of the little girl!  We can’t thank you enough for Darcy. She is such a blessing to all of us. I firmly believe the family setting she was born into at your home really helped her adjust to our home quickly. She has been healthy, sweet, and loves our big dogs.  She is happy to wrestle with our Golden & Flat Coat or cuddle me on the couch. Darcy is always up for an adventure and has yet to meet another dog (or human) she doesn’t like. We have a bunch of little children in our lives and she is always dependable with them. She is also not a barker, but has a throaty ‘ruff’ when she wants the other dogs to play with her!
She even swims with the big dogs!  I give your names out all the time and have enjoyed getting to know you all.

– Your Friend, Jennifer Summa – Edmonds, Washington