From Ann:
We love our Piper from Lillybits!  She is sweet, curious, and fits into our family so well.  Heather did a great job picking the perfect puppy for our seven year old daughter Fiona.   Everywhere we go, folks stop and gush at Piper who laps up the attention happily.  Our Starbucks baristas won’t let us in the store unless we have Piper with us whom they happily take away for cuddles while we order.  She loves everyone, and everyone loves her.   She even loves the vet and his assistants.  She kisses the vet assistants after they give her shots!  We couldn’t ask for more in a puppy.   She’s a terrific addition to our family.   Thank you Heather and Lillybits!

Ann, Fiona & Paul Tracey ~ Seattle, WA