Heather, Kevin, and the entire family –

I can’t believe that our Cody has been home with us for two months already.  I have to say, from the moment we first spoke about your dogs, it has been a delightful experience, and very much worth the wait.  You were so patient, kind, and always informative while we eagerly awaited our turn to adopt a Lillybit baby.  I had done so much research into the mix and spoke to more breeders than I care to admit, but none came close to the quality and personal care of Lillybits.  And none as nice as you!

As a family with small children, we worried some about bringing a puppy into our house but you educated us and prepared us so well that it was seamless…and wonderful.  Our Cody, from the first second I took him out of his carrier at the airport,  was licking my face and wagging his tail!  I paced our house worrying all night and tracking the flight across the country, but Cody, he just adapted and was fine.  Our little guy spent 8+ hours in that carrier and was still happy as could be.  It was love at first sight…

Since then, his adjustment into our home has been easy.  Your skill, efforts, and attention yielded a dog with the greatest temperament I could possibly imagine.  He has an incredibly peaceful calm nature, is so playful, beautiful beyond words with a face that melts your heart, is smart and so affectionate.  At just over four months old, he is totally housebroken and just a joy in every way.  He is just amazing!  He has added so much laughter, happiness, and spunk to our family and we are aware that so much of his quality is due to the careful way you raise and breed your dogs.  Having never had a dog before, I could not have imagined it going so smoothly.

I know that while these puppies are born out of love, they are still a business – but in truth, we could never thank you enough for allowing us to adopt Cody.  He is one of our greatest gifts and joys.

Much love,

Jodi, Jason, Robbie, Danny, and Cody Mazer