Hi Heather,

We wanted to update you on our puppy – Arnie!  Arnie turned one about 3 weeks ago, and this past year with him has been such a blessing.  We feel so lucky that we found Lillybits. Arnie has the best personality and temperament!  He loves everyone, and is extremely friendly with both adults and children.  He also loves playing with all dogs – large and small!  He is a total hit at the dog park. Our vet commented immediately that he obviously had excellent breeding as he was really healthy and happy during our first vet visit.

Having Arnie come home litter and crate trained made a huge difference. Training him to go outside was quite easy; it was a natural transition from the litter.  During a recent heavy snow storm, we used the litter and it was so convenient to have that as an option.  In regards to the crate training that you do – thank you! He slept through the first night at home in his crate with only one potty break.  He still loves his crate, and retreats there when he’s tired and wants a nap.  Although now he falls asleep with us in bed, he is happy to also spend the night in his crate.

Thank you as well for all of your follow up since he’s come home.  It’s so nice knowing that we can still turn to you with any questions as Arnie grows older.

We look forward to bringing home another lillybit soon to join our pack!

Katie and Paul