From: Julie

When my 87 year old dad had to put his dog of 13 years down last fall, his world changed.  He lost a great friend and buddy.  We wall knew whatever new pet dad would choose would have big shoes to fill.  And then we found Griffin!!!  Griffin has settled into his new home with my dad, in fact, he’s about as loyal of a friend as you could ask for.  They bonded instantly.  He’s a great companion, loves to ride in the car and go for walks, but best of all, he just enjoys being near my dad.  He’s obedient and friendly and so well behaved.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Our dog, Molly, another LillyBit, enjoys her visits and playtime with Griffin.  Perfect pals in every way!!
Many thanks to you, Heather, and the love you have shared with this family!!!

Note from Heather: Griffin was the father to many of our wonderful Lillybits, including our Lilly! Retiring Griffin was one of the single most difficult things I have done since we started LillyBits. Griffin was born here. I am so happy for Arthur and Griffin, they were meant to be!