This is a partial re-post from Gina’s blog:  SofiTail:

I wish everyone could have a Lillybits experience! 

I could seriously go on and on about how phenomenal and nurturing Heather of LillyBits is.  I can say without equivocation that I know LillyBits is the best breeder out there, bar none.  And I can tell you that I will never get a puppy anywhere else.  Once you’ve had the best, there’s no comparison with the rest.

Sofi is the most amazing puppy.  She is well-mannered, sweet, and as close to potty trained as any 11-week old puppy can be. She is smart, responsive, and very cuddly.  She will let me touch her anywhere, paws, face, ears and I know that is because Heather and her family brushed and groomed and played with her daily.  She loves my nieces, and I know that is thanks to Heather’s being a constant in her life when she was first born.

Sofi seems ready to tackle the world, and that confidence comes from having a loving, nurturing environment filled with warmth and happiness.  Thank you to Heather and LillyBits.  I am forever in your debt. (I will try to repay you with lots of word of mouth and written recommendations and tons of photos of Sofi).