I could go on and on about how wonderful and cute our Mojo is but these little guys are bred to be cute and loving and we all think our own can’t be beat.  But what makes you the fabulous breeder that you are is the whole package. I’ve been so fortunate to come over and visit countless times and each and every time I walk away in awe of how you do it.  Your home is clean, never smells like dog, peaceful and filled with love. Your dogs are definitely your pets and each with their own loving personality yet so well behaved.  No wonder the puppies are so balanced from the time we get them – they have been pre-spoiled everyday of their lives – some two legged or four legged family member is always there to help them learn to be happy little puppies that besides everything else have learned the magic of finding the litter box most every single time from the moment they enter our homes.

The best part for me is the community you have formed without even setting out to do so. We have been fortunate to actually get a new best family of friends through our dogs and your support from the day the puppy leaves your home to in our case 3 years later is priceless. There are so many questions that come up that one doesn’t realize when picking that perfect puppy – poop questions, personality questions, grooming questions, poop questions, digging questions, chewing questions, poop questions…..and you have always been there to answer all of them.

We can’t thank you enough for filling our lives with Mojo and can’t wait for our Bean to join us in a few weeks.

Mike, Deb, Bean, and Mojo the Boo Steiner