From Freda:

I remember getting a phone call from Heather while I was in California attending a funeral, it was a sad day, Heather made it a HAPPY one when she informed me that the puppy of my dreams was actually available to me! I almost dropped the phone (smile)!

I brought Holly home on the 15th of December and my life has never been the same. Holly is the BEST dog I have owned in my life. She came litter box trained and is amazing at using it, I have not had a problem from day one! Holly took all the stress of potty training out of the way for me and it’s thanks to the GREAT job that Heather does with training her puppies.

I am extremely thankful and love every minute with my sweet bundle of love. She looks up at me all the time with her gorgeous brown eyes as if to say “Mama, am I being a good girl?”. I wish she knew what I was saying when I reply to her. “Holly, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

I have said it so many times, to everyone I come in contact with, that I sound like a broken record, BUT, I’ll say it again: LillyBit dogs are exceptional! If you are thinking of adopting one of Heather’s puppies, you are about to make the BEST decision of your life.

Freda Westnedge, Longview, Wa