Heather and her “LillyBits” world on Google–one of my favorite discoveries!  I’d mourned my 15-year-old Sheltie for 3 months, and felt ready to bring another dog into the family.  Both my miniature poodle, Louie, and I missed having a 2nd dog in the house.  We adopted Bianca (a Bichon Frise), one of Heather’s retiring moms.

She’d had her 4th litter before coming to Poulsbo and has a mature mom’s seasoned attitude toward life.  But all the pep and friskiness of a puppy.  She’s such a charming and affectionate girl, and is simply delighted whenever anyone visits.  Her reception when I come back in the house is the soul of warm welcome.  And she’s a champion cuddler!  Any time, any place.  Wonderful, particularly as the house gets colder!  Having her draped across my lap makes typing a bit of a challenge when I work from home, though  😉

Here’s one Bianca trait that just melts me:  if I sing a song she hasn’t heard before, she comes roaring around the corner and bounces around like crazy.  It would be delusional to say she likes my singing (!) but it surely does make me giggle.  Particularly on the day when I was belting out my favorite Hoyt-Axton-song lyrics, “Work your fingers to the bone, whadda you get? Hmmm hmmm.  Boney Fingers!”  She grinned at me big time and hop-hop-hopped to get into my lap, then nearly licked the skin off my face.  I love this dog.

Bianca’s been great with the cats, too, from the start.  She’s a winner all around.

Thank you, Heather!