Thought you would like an update on Abby.  It has been a little over a month since she arrived and our lives have definitely changed for the better.  She has brought us so much love.  It has got to be the result of her upbringing.  You do a fabulous job of that.

Yesterday was her 2nd trip to our vet for her boosters, etc.  Since our vet had a terrible family emergency out of town, we were scheduled to see her associate.  Dr. Bob Bergman came into the room and gave her a good check-up from nose to tail.  When he finished, he said and I quite “What a great puppy, where did you get her?”  We proceded to tell him she came from you at lilybits and the main reason for her being as she is, is a direct result of her upbringing by you.  We also told him what a great breeding program you have and how much love and care you give your puppies.  We also told him that after all our years of breeding and raising show dogs, we don’t know of anyone who does a better job than you.  He said “it definitely shows.  She is one good puppy.”  When we left the exam room, his comment was “Boy, you have got a winner there.”  You will never believe how proud we were and so happy.  His vet. tech told us he doesn’t usually make comments like that.  On our receipt, he thanked us for sharing such a beautiful puppy with them.  Neat, huh?

If you want to use this as a testimonial, please feel free.  She now weighs 6lb.80z.  Vet was happy with that.  She will be going back 1-9-12 to be spayed, microchipped and get her final boosters.  We are looking forward to many years of sheer happiness with our little “Abby.”  We will send you more photos as we get them.

Love Paul, Marlene and, of course, Abby