From Julie:

I set out to find the perfect dog for our family and stumbled upon Lillybits Youtube videos. I had never heard of Shichons but I fell in love with the spunky and adorable puppies in the videos. I was also really drawn to Heather’s video narratives and I felt these puppies were getting an awesome and loving start. It never occurred to me that Lillybits was near me and I could actually see those puppies in person. At midnight of the day I was to see a Shichon from a different breeder that I was feeling uneasy about, I serendipitously found out that Lillybits was only 30 minutes from my house. I immediately emailed Heather to see if she had any puppies and found a return email from her the next morning. We never went to see the other breeder and we reserved our spot that day.

Living near Lillybits gave us the opportunity to visit three times. If you haven’t had the privilege of playing with 12 adorable puppies and their parents in the Lillybits nursery, you are missing out! I loved that Heather wanted us to visit so Jasper would be familiar with us when it was time for him to come home. It was also awesome to meet his littermates and help socialize his siblings for the far away families. While we played with the puppies the mom dogs hung out with us, too, and it was so neat to see that they were happy, healthy, and loved family pets. It was a glimpse of how well adjusted Jasper would turn out to be.

Everyone who meets Jasper falls in love with him – the vet and her staff, his trainer, random people on the street and even my husband who was NOT a dog fan, is completely smitten with him. He is so well behaved, good natured, smart, loving, and playful, not to mention super cute!  My friends are blown away that he came to me already crate and litter box trained. As a first time dog owner that was huge to me. It let me focus on just keeping up his training and loving him versus trying to figure everything out myself. I wish there was another word besides “breeder” to explain to people where we got our puppy. The word has a negative connotation and our experience with Heather and Lillybits has been anything but! Not only did Jasper have such a wonderful start at Lillybits, Heather is still there for us and all the Lillybit families, answering questions, providing information, and testing new products. Heather truly cares about these dogs and it shows in the “final product.”

Thank you so much, Heather and family, for all the time, love, and attention poured into your dogs – Jasper means the world to us and brings us so much joy every day.

The Anderson Family
Julie, Steve, Molly, Hannah, Madeline, and Jasper
Sammamish, WA