From Kandy:

I was determined to never own a dog, just say NO.. A friend introduced me to lillybits and I found myself totally obsessed with the breed.  I remember everyday I would look and pictures of puppies and try to search the internet looking for anything to tell me, nope not a good idea.  No such luck.  After a few months I couldn’t stand it any longer I sent Heather an email, I would love to get on your wait list for a puppy.  Thank goodness she said it could be anywhere from 6 months to a year before a puppy would be ready for us to take home. A month passes and I receive an email from Heather, Kandy I have a pick for you in this litter that was just born!  Now I am totally excited, then the oh crap moment comes I did not tell my husband I ordered a puppy! So in passing oh yeah I am getting a dog.  Not so happy with me he says, just so you know I am not taking care of your dog. So I bring Luna home and of course she is a lillybit so she is so adorable, sweet, awesome temperament, seriously what more could you ask for. So I take care of Luna she snuggles with me and the kids and I do indeed take total care of her.  Six months passes we are sitting on the couch watching tv and he turns to me and says, I want my own puppy.  I almost died laughing.  I then made a comment on a Facebook post to Heather that my husband wanted a puppy and the next thing you know we are picking up Jasper.  So from the family who wanted nothing to do with dogs now has two of the most amazing dogs ever.

  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Heather and her family that raise these puppies for us to enjoy.  We love the fact that they are litter trained and crate trained, however they now sleep in our beds.

Thank you Heather for these amazing, lovable puppies.
Kandy Peterson