Hi Heather!

Harper has been home with us two months now, and we couldn’t have asked for an easier transition from your home to ours. She started using her litter box immediately after we got home from the airport, and she’s only had a few accidents since- most where our fault! A few weeks after we brought her home, we transitioned her to the Spotty Potty. We put a layer of litter on top of the grass-like turf, and within two days, she was completely switched over. She’s a very smart puppy and picks up on things easily. She knows sit, down, and go potty, and she just figured out how to go up the stairs. She won’t go down the stairs yet, so she just stands at the top and whimpers to be brought down. Her new favorite thing is to hop onto the couch and perch on the arm to take a snooze. We recently took her on a road trip from PA to IL for the holidays, and she was a rock star the entire time! I was a bit worried about how she would do for 12 hours in a car, but she was so, so good. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was chewing on a bully stick or trying to look out the window.

Harper is 4 months old now, and she weighs 7lbs 1oz. She received her third set puppy shots and her rabies shot, and we’re planning on getting her spayed and micro chipped at the end of February. She also starts puppy kindergarten at the end of this month which will be great socialization!

Heather, you’re truly a special person. John and I can not thank you enough for the warmth, nurture, and love you provide to each individual puppy. Whenever someone asks me where we got Harper from, I’m hesitant to say that we got her from a breeder because you are so much more than that. You feel like a family friend. I think what I appreciate most is the relationship formed after the puppy leaves. You’ve made it known that you’re only a phone call, text message, email, or Facebook message away, and I think most of us have taken advantage of that at one point or another. A perfect example of this was on Christmas Eve when I sent you a text message saying how Harper had picked up a bacterial GI infection on the road but she had seen the vet and was doing fine. Within five minutes of sending the message, you called to ask how she was doing and you gave me your feedback and advice on the issue. You took time out of your day, on a holiday nonetheless, to make sure Harper was okay and that meant the world to me.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and will do in the future. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to bring Harper into our lives, and we can’t wait to add a second Lillybit to our family in the future.

Amanda and John ~ Philadelphia, PA