The Devlin Family

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Hello Heather and all the Lillybits,

With the holidays fast approaching, we felt it important to say a huge Thank You for letting us bring Oggy home with us.  We could not be any happier with him.  When you expressed your experienced opinion that Oggy would be the best choice for us,  we thought at the time “we will see about that.”

He is definitely unique from all your other puppies with his wavy hair v.s. curly and  all black coloring with only the white paw and chest;  just like his mom, Sadie.    His coloring has not changed from the day we brought him home in March.  He does have  auburn highlights in the bright sun, which we love.

Neither of us had been pet owners for many years, so this was an almost new experience for us, too.  Oggy had us trained in a very short time!  He was a dream to train with diligence on our part; he was ringing the bell to go outside in one month.  He still has access to his litter box, but only sleeps in it now.  There are so many adjectives to describe him – adorable, sweet, non-aggressive, friendly, loves everyone, obedient, SMART, mellow,  barks just the right amount for a “guard dog,”  and best of all has fit into our lifestyle perfectly.   He continues to add new words to his command vocabulary.   He is still adjusting to long car rides, but loves to go with us.  He is the perfect angel dog,  just does not get into trouble…yet!

We do not have a great camera, but will send a snapshot for you to see how “growed” up he is 🙂  all 16 1/2 lbs. of him.   This will be a fun holiday season for us all.   We have shared your name with the many people that ask “what kind dog he is and where did we find him?”

Happy Holidays           Lorrie, Denny and Oggy  Devlin          Sherwood, OR

Tricia & Sadie

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Hi Heather,


I thought I would give you an update with pictures of Sadie. She is doing very well and has been a true blessing to have around. She has become my “let’s go anywhere” partner. She loves to go anywhere and EVERYWHERE! She does not know a stranger whether human or animal. She has to go greet everyone.  She is loved by all. Well, maybe not by one of my cats, but maybe in time.


We have even traveled on a plane together for a family wedding and she did FABULOUS! She was no problem the entire trip and loved seeing and smelling new things. She saw a cow for the 1st time and decided she did not like them. She made lots of new friends and  was a hit at my Grandmother’s assisted living residence. We will be returning there in June for a family reunion so positive thoughts for another great trip.


We have been taking puppy classes in Sumner where we both have learned a great deal of positive behaviors. We are getting ready to start the Canine Good Citizen class this Wednesday. She has become a different puppy since we started classes 3 months ago. She loves going and seeing everyone each week, as do I. I am glad I waited until I was truly ready for a puppy so that I could give the time needed to the dog parent each one deserves. I have enjoyed this time with her and love having her in my life.


Thank you for all you and your family does to insure each family has a fabulous Lillybit to take home with them. I love that the family is involved and you
LOVE what you do from beginning to end. I could not have asked for anything better being my 1st puppy. I have so much love for my Sadie that I know started with you and what you do.


One that note I am also emailing you to see what the next puppy waiting list looks like. I am almost sure Sadie and I are ready for a playmate to come join us. I know she would LOVE IT. Although, I don’t think she realizes she will have to share me now…. I am not in any rush but just wanted to see how things were looking.



Blessings to you,



Steve & Peggy

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Hi Heather,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to give you a Rue update and share with you our first Arizona Vet experience. In a word, she is amazing!! She is such a sweetheart! I just adore her!!

We went for our wellness check and I have never seen anything like it! EVERYONE had to come see this amazing, adorable little Rue. When the Vet came in for the exam he actually took pictures of her to show his wife and asked me to email him all the info on Lillybits because he just knew his wife was going to want a Lillybits Shichon of her own. It was too cute and she was such a good girl! I was a proud mama 😉


Bye for now –


Tim & Molly

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Hi Heather,

Here are the pictures I took initially of Murphy’s set up. I have to
admit that we keep on opening the gate and increasing his amount of
space if we are in the room with him. It’s just so hard to leave him
alone! 😉

I would say he’s about 85-90% potty reliable in the house- that
percent goes up when he is confined to his playspace. Even with more
space though he usually seems to know where his potty is (even if out
of eyesight), but forgets every once in awhile.

He is so cute and such a delight! The vet said he was the healthiest
puppy, had been raised on excellent food, and had the perfect

Thanks for everything Heather,