Hello Heather and all the Lillybits,

With the holidays fast approaching, we felt it important to say a huge Thank You for letting us bring Oggy home with us.  We could not be any happier with him.  When you expressed your experienced opinion that Oggy would be the best choice for us,  we thought at the time “we will see about that.”

He is definitely unique from all your other puppies with his wavy hair v.s. curly and  all black coloring with only the white paw and chest;  just like his mom, Sadie.    His coloring has not changed from the day we brought him home in March.  He does have  auburn highlights in the bright sun, which we love.

Neither of us had been pet owners for many years, so this was an almost new experience for us, too.  Oggy had us trained in a very short time!  He was a dream to train with diligence on our part; he was ringing the bell to go outside in one month.  He still has access to his litter box, but only sleeps in it now.  There are so many adjectives to describe him – adorable, sweet, non-aggressive, friendly, loves everyone, obedient, SMART, mellow,  barks just the right amount for a “guard dog,”  and best of all has fit into our lifestyle perfectly.   He continues to add new words to his command vocabulary.   He is still adjusting to long car rides, but loves to go with us.  He is the perfect angel dog,  just does not get into trouble…yet!

We do not have a great camera, but will send a snapshot for you to see how “growed” up he is 🙂  all 16 1/2 lbs. of him.   This will be a fun holiday season for us all.   We have shared your name with the many people that ask “what kind dog he is and where did we find him?”

Happy Holidays           Lorrie, Denny and Oggy  Devlin          Sherwood, OR