Hi Heather!

It’s been six weeks since Suri has been home and we can’t imagine it any other way.  She is absolutely fantastic!

I know you and I discussed at length her temperament for coming to work with me.  Well I must say you REALLY nailed it!  Suri is equally comfortable at home or work.  She interacts each day with at least 20 children and their parents.  She is quite, patient, friendly, playful  and LOVABLE!  Suri loves to take all her toys from her space and run them to the front of the store to wait for the children.  It is unbelievable.  Blockspot (work)  is housed in a 55,000 square foot recreational center.  Suri follows me at my heels -no leash across basketball courts, down halls and to the front offices.  The entire staff ( and occupants) can’t get enough of her.  She has been known to “hug” and curl up to sleep on a few laps!

At home, Suri and Quinni( our other dog) are fast friends.  Suri goes potty outside 90% of the time ( how great Quinni has been in helping THAT).  Suri is eating, drinking and sleeping well.  She even sits for her treats!  My boys and husband all can’t get enough of Suri kisses- and she sure is a Lillybits licker!

Best compliment of today came from the groomer ” the BEST puppy we have EVER seen”.  She was so well behaved they couldn’t believe it.  They called me at home asking ( joking) if they could pay me double what I paid for her!!!

So a HUGE thank you.  Your care, love and intuition are spot on.  You truly give each family a unique bundle of love that can only be called -Lillybits!