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Hi Heather!

My intention was to just look at your Facebook site and look for Hazel’s picture with long shaggy hair (to use it as a guideline to growing Siri’s hair out) then sign out and go to sleep… But as usual I get stuck looking through hundreds of cute puppies for hours and it is now 3:45 in the morning, oops!

I’ve never really had the chance to say how thankful I am for letting us and trusting us enough to have such a wonderful dog like her. She has changed our lives dramatically and definitely made our home a much happier place. I know she truly did come from a loving family before us, she is exactly what you told us she would be. She’s such a good companion, great temperament, so playful, obedient, loves people and cuddling. I honestly couldn’t have ask for a better dog. She is now 7 lbs and if I’m right she’s done growing, I haven’t seen any changes in her weight… She’s tiny but eats a lot! I don’t know how she does it she stays lean, it’s probably from all the running haha. But again thank you for everything, giving us such a great opportunity to have something so precious. God bless you and your family for doing what you do best and that’s loving and caring for every litter that comes into your home. Siri has truly become my best friend and best daughter to Walter and I. Thank you! Also happy belated Mother’s Day 🙂

– Ina & Walter