Health Guarantee and More


Before your puppy heads home you will need to review and sign the Health Guarantee and Spay and Neuter contract. Puppies can not head home until this is received by me.

Follow this link to review and digitally sign your Health Guarantee. Please wait until your puppy is selected before digitally signing your copy. You can use the word “TBD” for the puppy’s go home date.

Digitally Sign Health Guarantee Here

We offer 30 day free trial with Trupanion Pet Insurance. I am including your link for your free trial here, I really believe there is value in pet insurance and did some research, spoke to families and chose to offer Trupanion:

Free Trupanion Pet Insurance 30 day trial

Trial # BRAFF276A

We HIGHLY SUGGEST PET INSURANCE for at least the first year!

Here is the information on ordering the supplement for your puppy found on the going home shopping list. They work great as a treat and provide wonderful vitamin, immunity and joint support. One bottle a month will work for your puppy. Setting up auto-ship is the easiest option and also saves 10%. Please have this ready for when your puppy comes home and this intended to be given over your dog’s entire lifetime.

Companion Dog Supplements

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A word about parasites: We do everything possible here to ensure our puppies are parasite free and follow a strict de-worming regimen. The reason there are so many companies, options and types of de-wormers available is because parasites are common in dogs. They must be de-wormed. Parasites have varying life cycles, even with our best efforts here at LillyBits, occasionally, not often, a puppy will go home and test positive on a fecal examination for a parasite.  This is nothing to get too excited about. Your vet will give you the appropriate de-wormer, they are normally palatable and work quickly. We do not send puppies home if their stool is not firm here at our home and your puppy has been completely de-wormed as suggested by our vet.
Additionally, our adult dogs have lives outside of being parents and we won’t make apologies to anyone for that šŸ™‚ They go on walks, they play in the backyard and we even take them to the park *gasp* on sunny days! We de-worm our adults regularly, just as we should, but we are unwilling to compromise their quality of life just because of the possibility of a wee bug. All of our adult dogs are washed and their little feet disinfected after they visit the park to be on the safe side.  Of course, no visits to the park for Momma dogs who are expecting or have puppies, that is just common sense.