New Family Questionnaire

This our screening questionnaire for new families. It doesn’t just help us get information about you but also helps us know the things we can do to help you be prepared for your new puppy. We ask that you do not send this to us as your first contact. We will direct you to this page prior to placing a deposit. Copy and pasting these questions into an email addressed to us with Questionnaire as the subject works the best!

Here is the questionnaire:

1.  What is your name, full address, including zip code and importantly, your phone number? This information will be very important as I refer back to this questionnaire through our whole process. Do you live in a home/condo or apt? How long?



 1a. If you are a renter do you have permission from a landlord and a long term lease? Are you prepared for the additional expense of a pet deposit and more commonly now: additional pet rent?


2. Do you want a male or a female, either?


3. What is the timing you would like to have your puppy welcomed to your home? Are you ready now, in the near future or is your timing months ahead?



4.  Are you looking for a pet or do you plan on breeding? Are you willing to sign a spay and neuter contract? Have you ever bred an animal in the past? If so, please explain.



5.  What is your family “make up” – do you have children, ages, how many, do
you have other pets or have you had other pets in the past?



6.  Are you aware of the grooming requirements for this type of dog?




7.  How many hours a day will the puppy be left alone?  What are your plans
for the puppy while you are at work?




8.  Will you be using a crate/kennel, if not, when you’re not home will you
be using a gated area? What will you use at night?




9.  Do you have any questions about housetraining/obedience training? Are
you willing to read books on these subjects?





10.  Do you know or have a Vet to vaccinate and spay/neuter your dog?





11. Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?





12.  Have you ever given a pet away or taken to the pound? If so, what were the circumstances?