Expectant Families

An Expectant Family is one that has placed a deposit with LillyBits. If your name appears on this page, we have received your deposit.  If you do not see your name, you are not on the wait list. Our go-home time frames are firm provided in selection emails or on the site.

The wait list is currently CLOSED to everyone except returning LillyBits families and their direct referrals.

Next Selection near the end of JUNE for Nikki’s pups.

Jojos Puppies

1 Sirena – Karen Lyons – paid

2 Taco – Kathyrn P-J – paid

3 Guapo – Helen M – paid

4 Chiquita – Jennifer D. paid

5 Guacamole – Ashley P. paid

Nikki’s Pups

1 Zelda – Helen B.

2. Barrie RT – Luigi

3. Lauren M – Mario paid

4. Stephanie C. – Link


Active Waitlist 🙂 UPDATE, your name will automatically moved to standby on the third “pass” or if you stop responding to emails and you can get back on the wait list anytime within a year when you let me know you are ready for a puppy ❤

Jennifer D.

Anders S. Second Lillybit 🙂 Pass – Sept

Brehan F.

Kacie C.  Referral.

Cindy G.

Erin C.

Tania W

Beth D.

Margot S.  Returning family.

Amanda A.  (Winter litter).

Andrea W.  Returning family.  Formerly Andrea L.

Holly M.  Returning family.

Gaurav G.  Returning family.

Lisa P.  Referral.

Chuck and Susie T.  Referral.

Nina F.  Referral.

Carlos U.  Referral.

Brad N. 2nd time family

Kristina B.

Thao B.  Referral.

Matthew G.  Referral.

Michael and Carol M.  2nd time family.

Michael and Tasha F.  Referral.

Linda M.  Referral.

Shannon L.  Referral.

Jason L.  Referral.

Natalie F.  Referral.


Standby deposits: families will contact me when they are ready in which case they will added to wait list after those folks who have already committed. Deposits on this list expire in 365 days. 

Jennie R 6/7/20 – three passes

Stephanie A.  (By request). 6/7/20

Jennifer K.  (By request).  6/7/20

Thayer and Daniel F.  Referral.  (By request).  6/7/20

Karen V. – 6/1/19

Maria B. – 2/21/19

Marge Weiner 4/19/19

Debbie S 1/7/20

Donna O – 2/5/20

Kimberly Nevins 2/5/20

Erik C. 3/4/20

Allison L. 5/25/20

Lisa W. June 10, 2020


Before your puppy heads home you will need to review and sign the Health Guarantee and Spay and Neuter contract. Puppies can not head home until this is received by me.

Follow this link to review and digitally sign your Health Guarantee. Please wait until your puppy is selected before digitally signing your copy. You can use the word “TBD” for the puppy’s go home date.

Digitally Sign Health Guarantee Here

We offer 30 day free trial with Trupanion Pet Insurance, we are not compensated by Trupanion. I am including your link for your free trial here, I really believe there is value in pet insurance and did some research, spoke to families and chose to offer Trupanion:

Activate Lillybits Trupanion Certificate Online

Printable Trupanion Certificate

Certificate code # BR1LB61015

This is for puppies raised by LillyBits only, and must be activated within 24 hours of your puppy’s homecoming.

Here is the information on ordering the supplement for your puppy found on the going home shopping list. They work great as a treat and provide wonderful vitamin, immunity and joint support. One bottle a month will work for your puppy. Setting up auto-ship is the easiest option and also saves 10%. Please have this ready for when your puppy comes home and this intended to be given over your dog’s entire lifetime.