Amanda & John

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Hi Heather!

Harper has been home with us two months now, and we couldn’t have asked for an easier transition from your home to ours. She started using her litter box immediately after we got home from the airport, and she’s only had a few accidents since- most where our fault! A few weeks after we brought her home, we transitioned her to the Spotty Potty. We put a layer of litter on top of the grass-like turf, and within two days, she was completely switched over. She’s a very smart puppy and picks up on things easily. She knows sit, down, and go potty, and she just figured out how to go up the stairs. She won’t go down the stairs yet, so she just stands at the top and whimpers to be brought down. Her new favorite thing is to hop onto the couch and perch on the arm to take a snooze. We recently took her on a road trip from PA to IL for the holidays, and she was a rock star the entire time! I was a bit worried about how she would do for 12 hours in a car, but she was so, so good. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was chewing on a bully stick or trying to look out the window.

Harper is 4 months old now, and she weighs 7lbs 1oz. She received her third set puppy shots and her rabies shot, and we’re planning on getting her spayed and micro chipped at the end of February. She also starts puppy kindergarten at the end of this month which will be great socialization!

Heather, you’re truly a special person. John and I can not thank you enough for the warmth, nurture, and love you provide to each individual puppy. Whenever someone asks me where we got Harper from, I’m hesitant to say that we got her from a breeder because you are so much more than that. You feel like a family friend. I think what I appreciate most is the relationship formed after the puppy leaves. You’ve made it known that you’re only a phone call, text message, email, or Facebook message away, and I think most of us have taken advantage of that at one point or another. A perfect example of this was on Christmas Eve when I sent you a text message saying how Harper had picked up a bacterial GI infection on the road but she had seen the vet and was doing fine. Within five minutes of sending the message, you called to ask how she was doing and you gave me your feedback and advice on the issue. You took time out of your day, on a holiday nonetheless, to make sure Harper was okay and that meant the world to me.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and will do in the future. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to bring Harper into our lives, and we can’t wait to add a second Lillybit to our family in the future.

Amanda and John ~ Philadelphia, PA

The Peterson Family

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From Kandy:

I was determined to never own a dog, just say NO.. A friend introduced me to lillybits and I found myself totally obsessed with the breed.  I remember everyday I would look and pictures of puppies and try to search the internet looking for anything to tell me, nope not a good idea.  No such luck.  After a few months I couldn’t stand it any longer I sent Heather an email, I would love to get on your wait list for a puppy.  Thank goodness she said it could be anywhere from 6 months to a year before a puppy would be ready for us to take home. A month passes and I receive an email from Heather, Kandy I have a pick for you in this litter that was just born!  Now I am totally excited, then the oh crap moment comes I did not tell my husband I ordered a puppy! So in passing oh yeah I am getting a dog.  Not so happy with me he says, just so you know I am not taking care of your dog. So I bring Luna home and of course she is a lillybit so she is so adorable, sweet, awesome temperament, seriously what more could you ask for. So I take care of Luna she snuggles with me and the kids and I do indeed take total care of her.  Six months passes we are sitting on the couch watching tv and he turns to me and says, I want my own puppy.  I almost died laughing.  I then made a comment on a Facebook post to Heather that my husband wanted a puppy and the next thing you know we are picking up Jasper.  So from the family who wanted nothing to do with dogs now has two of the most amazing dogs ever.

  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Heather and her family that raise these puppies for us to enjoy.  We love the fact that they are litter trained and crate trained, however they now sleep in our beds.

Thank you Heather for these amazing, lovable puppies.
Kandy Peterson

The Anderson Family

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From Julie:

I set out to find the perfect dog for our family and stumbled upon Lillybits Youtube videos. I had never heard of Shichons but I fell in love with the spunky and adorable puppies in the videos. I was also really drawn to Heather’s video narratives and I felt these puppies were getting an awesome and loving start. It never occurred to me that Lillybits was near me and I could actually see those puppies in person. At midnight of the day I was to see a Shichon from a different breeder that I was feeling uneasy about, I serendipitously found out that Lillybits was only 30 minutes from my house. I immediately emailed Heather to see if she had any puppies and found a return email from her the next morning. We never went to see the other breeder and we reserved our spot that day.

Living near Lillybits gave us the opportunity to visit three times. If you haven’t had the privilege of playing with 12 adorable puppies and their parents in the Lillybits nursery, you are missing out! I loved that Heather wanted us to visit so Jasper would be familiar with us when it was time for him to come home. It was also awesome to meet his littermates and help socialize his siblings for the far away families. While we played with the puppies the mom dogs hung out with us, too, and it was so neat to see that they were happy, healthy, and loved family pets. It was a glimpse of how well adjusted Jasper would turn out to be.

Everyone who meets Jasper falls in love with him – the vet and her staff, his trainer, random people on the street and even my husband who was NOT a dog fan, is completely smitten with him. He is so well behaved, good natured, smart, loving, and playful, not to mention super cute!  My friends are blown away that he came to me already crate and litter box trained. As a first time dog owner that was huge to me. It let me focus on just keeping up his training and loving him versus trying to figure everything out myself. I wish there was another word besides “breeder” to explain to people where we got our puppy. The word has a negative connotation and our experience with Heather and Lillybits has been anything but! Not only did Jasper have such a wonderful start at Lillybits, Heather is still there for us and all the Lillybit families, answering questions, providing information, and testing new products. Heather truly cares about these dogs and it shows in the “final product.”

Thank you so much, Heather and family, for all the time, love, and attention poured into your dogs – Jasper means the world to us and brings us so much joy every day.

The Anderson Family
Julie, Steve, Molly, Hannah, Madeline, and Jasper
Sammamish, WA

The Farkas Family

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Thought you would like an update on Abby.  It has been a little over a month since she arrived and our lives have definitely changed for the better.  She has brought us so much love.  It has got to be the result of her upbringing.  You do a fabulous job of that.

Yesterday was her 2nd trip to our vet for her boosters, etc.  Since our vet had a terrible family emergency out of town, we were scheduled to see her associate.  Dr. Bob Bergman came into the room and gave her a good check-up from nose to tail.  When he finished, he said and I quite “What a great puppy, where did you get her?”  We proceded to tell him she came from you at lilybits and the main reason for her being as she is, is a direct result of her upbringing by you.  We also told him what a great breeding program you have and how much love and care you give your puppies.  We also told him that after all our years of breeding and raising show dogs, we don’t know of anyone who does a better job than you.  He said “it definitely shows.  She is one good puppy.”  When we left the exam room, his comment was “Boy, you have got a winner there.”  You will never believe how proud we were and so happy.  His vet. tech told us he doesn’t usually make comments like that.  On our receipt, he thanked us for sharing such a beautiful puppy with them.  Neat, huh?

If you want to use this as a testimonial, please feel free.  She now weighs 6lb.80z.  Vet was happy with that.  She will be going back 1-9-12 to be spayed, microchipped and get her final boosters.  We are looking forward to many years of sheer happiness with our little “Abby.”  We will send you more photos as we get them.

Love Paul, Marlene and, of course, Abby

Pat & Bianca

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Heather and her “LillyBits” world on Google–one of my favorite discoveries!  I’d mourned my 15-year-old Sheltie for 3 months, and felt ready to bring another dog into the family.  Both my miniature poodle, Louie, and I missed having a 2nd dog in the house.  We adopted Bianca (a Bichon Frise), one of Heather’s retiring moms.

She’d had her 4th litter before coming to Poulsbo and has a mature mom’s seasoned attitude toward life.  But all the pep and friskiness of a puppy.  She’s such a charming and affectionate girl, and is simply delighted whenever anyone visits.  Her reception when I come back in the house is the soul of warm welcome.  And she’s a champion cuddler!  Any time, any place.  Wonderful, particularly as the house gets colder!  Having her draped across my lap makes typing a bit of a challenge when I work from home, though  😉

Here’s one Bianca trait that just melts me:  if I sing a song she hasn’t heard before, she comes roaring around the corner and bounces around like crazy.  It would be delusional to say she likes my singing (!) but it surely does make me giggle.  Particularly on the day when I was belting out my favorite Hoyt-Axton-song lyrics, “Work your fingers to the bone, whadda you get? Hmmm hmmm.  Boney Fingers!”  She grinned at me big time and hop-hop-hopped to get into my lap, then nearly licked the skin off my face.  I love this dog.

Bianca’s been great with the cats, too, from the start.  She’s a winner all around.

Thank you, Heather!

The Westnedge Family

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From Freda:

I remember getting a phone call from Heather while I was in California attending a funeral, it was a sad day, Heather made it a HAPPY one when she informed me that the puppy of my dreams was actually available to me! I almost dropped the phone (smile)!

I brought Holly home on the 15th of December and my life has never been the same. Holly is the BEST dog I have owned in my life. She came litter box trained and is amazing at using it, I have not had a problem from day one! Holly took all the stress of potty training out of the way for me and it’s thanks to the GREAT job that Heather does with training her puppies.

I am extremely thankful and love every minute with my sweet bundle of love. She looks up at me all the time with her gorgeous brown eyes as if to say “Mama, am I being a good girl?”. I wish she knew what I was saying when I reply to her. “Holly, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

I have said it so many times, to everyone I come in contact with, that I sound like a broken record, BUT, I’ll say it again: LillyBit dogs are exceptional! If you are thinking of adopting one of Heather’s puppies, you are about to make the BEST decision of your life.

Freda Westnedge, Longview, Wa

The Scullion Family

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Hi Heather,

We wanted to update you on our puppy – Arnie!  Arnie turned one about 3 weeks ago, and this past year with him has been such a blessing.  We feel so lucky that we found Lillybits. Arnie has the best personality and temperament!  He loves everyone, and is extremely friendly with both adults and children.  He also loves playing with all dogs – large and small!  He is a total hit at the dog park. Our vet commented immediately that he obviously had excellent breeding as he was really healthy and happy during our first vet visit.

Having Arnie come home litter and crate trained made a huge difference. Training him to go outside was quite easy; it was a natural transition from the litter.  During a recent heavy snow storm, we used the litter and it was so convenient to have that as an option.  In regards to the crate training that you do – thank you! He slept through the first night at home in his crate with only one potty break.  He still loves his crate, and retreats there when he’s tired and wants a nap.  Although now he falls asleep with us in bed, he is happy to also spend the night in his crate.

Thank you as well for all of your follow up since he’s come home.  It’s so nice knowing that we can still turn to you with any questions as Arnie grows older.

We look forward to bringing home another lillybit soon to join our pack!

Katie and Paul  

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