Talk of the Town

A few of our LillyBits have become little celebrities! We thought this page would be just the place to brag about our little dogs getting noticed!


Pablo was featured on cuteoverload.com as a puppy! Pablo is a Maggie son and we have to agree he is super cute!

Pablo on Cute Overload! <—— Click here to see his original debut!



Miss Katie Begonia ran into a popular Seattle blogger, needleplusthread.com, at Starbucks. Of course, she had to take a picture of Katie for her blog. She called her the cutest little Ewok. LillyBits are often mistaken for Ewoks ;).

Katie on Needleplusthread.com <————– Click here to see Katie’s little moment in the spotlight!



When Pablo was featured on cuteoverload.com, what ensued afterward in an onslaught of folks contacting us for their very own Pablo, we still fondly call “Pablomania”. We weren’t surprised when a little local paper called the Puget Sound Business Journal featured him. I think it was a combination of bring your pet to work day and his owner’s adorable write up!

Read Pablo’s adorable write up on PSBJ <—————- See Pablo at work by clicking here!



Fletcher and Bayley are very special to their owners. So special that they walked down the aisle in their owners wedding. Now this makes Fletcher and Bayley celebrities in our book, so we could not leave them out, because they are certainly the talk of the wedding!

Here comes the Bride, and her LillyBits! <—- Click here to read about their walk down the aisle 🙂



Some dogs are just Wallyriffic. It wasn’t long before cuteoverload.com featured another Lillybit! Wally made his debut in January. Wally is cute an absolute overload of it, all packed into a sweet little eleven pound package!

Wally on cuteoverload.com <—— Click here to see Wally!



Pablomania on Pinterest! Pablo’s cuteoverload.com debut… the first one we mentioned, well anyhoo, someone pinned that picture on Pinterest. Pablo was an overnight viral Pinterest sensation. Last we checked he was over 8,000 pins.

Pablo on Pinterest <—— Click here to see Pablo on Pinterest, and maybe repin him on your board 🙂

Who knows what is next, but it was fun to see our puppies published here and there. I am biased. I think they are the cutest and sweetest dogs around.