What to Expect

When You’re Expecting A LillyBit 🙂


 You have sent in your deposit and now you’re waiting, sometimes patiently, sometimes not, to know which puppy will join your family.

I am hoping this page will help explain the selection process and what to expect.

First, the more specific you are about color, gender or size, you are essentially choosing to increase your wait. I am okay with that, I understand there are only a few members of our family we get to choose, our spouse, and our dog 🙂

However, I see these families pass up on some INCREDIBLE pets because they are overly focused on the aesthetic of  their future puppy.

I make the selection process as transparent as possible. Even with that, there maybe a feeling of unanswered questions or the proverbial, when?

The wait list is not open all the time, so this is how I make sure I have not over committed. If you are on the wait list, it means I believe that within a reasonable period of time, I will have a puppy for you. I turn away wonderful families all the time because I can’t have a puppy quickly enough.  So please don’t worry, I have not taken your name for a litter I expect a year from now. That would just be silly. Usually it is in the next two or three breedings.

Once you have sent your deposit, I add your name to our wait list. That is located on this blog under “Expectant Families”. I will call you when I have news for you. Until then, most likely you will not hear from me.

I wish that answer of “when” was simple. There are so many variables, how many pups will a Momma dog have, what genders, what colors? All of this factors into how the wait list moves forward. This makes definite answers to the “when” question pretty difficult. However, just know, I try VERY VERY hard not to over commit but to under commit, thus why you will see the wait list closed often.

Once a litter of puppies is ready for selection, I will post a video on Youtube and individual pictures on the website. Then I will begin calling. You can watch the blog and the site to see what is happening, as it happens. You will see names move up from the waiting list and become an assigned family. This means that they have either chosen a puppy or chosen to choose from that litter. If a name stays on the wait list, they passed on the that particular litter, often due to timing.

Hopefully, while you have been waiting you have written down some questions. Because when I call to help you select your puppy, I will want to be sure all your questions are answered. I will also share with you everything I know about the puppies that are available for you to choose. Including which ones I think may be a good fit. Ultimately the decision is yours. We do want you to make a decision within a reasonable time frame as a courtesy to everyone. We, of course will give you some time to confer with your family and get back to us the same day with your decision.

On the rare case that I call you and email to let you know it is your turn to choose, but you don’t respond, the next email will say that if I don’t hear from you I will need to move on to the next family and you can choose from the available puppies when you contact me back. I only do this so that the selection process is not hung up for others. If a pattern of not responding develops during the selection process, your name will be moved to standby. This means you will not be added back to the wait list until you contact me. Your deposit expires in one year after being placed on standby.

On a note to local families. Usually, we like you to visit in person to select your puppy. However, if I call on a Tuesday and you can’t make it until Saturday, know that we will ask you to select your puppy based on video and pictures like our out of town pups. We will then have you visit your puppy when you’re available. We will make our schedule available to you on an evening after work, so the only reason you would not select in person is because you are not available.

Once you select your puppy, a “homeward bound” bone graphic will go across your puppy’s picture and some text congratulating your family. You will also see your name move up from the wait list to your assigned spot/puppy on the litter we chose together.

Payment in full is always due upon SELECTION of your puppy. Shortly after our phone call you will receive an email with payment options. If you want to avoid Paypal fees, I suggest you sign up for Venmo (phone app). That way you are ready. If you happen to bank with Bank of America or Chase, Wells Fargo or US Bank, I am set up with them for no cost email money transfers throughly Zelle. When I receive your payment you will see the note next to your name saying “Final Payment Received”.

Now you have selected your puppy! So exciting! Time to set up, shop etc. DO NOT buy dog food until we confirm which brand. NORMALLY it is Blue Buffalo Lamb and Oatmeal but occasionally I will choose Royal Canin Starter if I think the puppies will thrive better on the very micro kibble they offer.

The next WHEN question arrives almost immediately. When can my puppy come home and when will their flight be, you need to plan! Normally,  local families will be picking up just after they turn 8 weeks and flights will be arranged about when pups are 8 1/2 weeks old. Flights are based on weather, so the airlines won’t make firm flights until 72 hours before. When I know, you will know.

I always call when I have news,  the puppy always arrives, and you will LOVE your LillyBit. You are truly welcoming a special little soul into your family. You will not believe you can love a dog as much as you will love your LillyBit.

I am so happy for you, and I understand PUPPY FEVER and all the excitement that goes with it… just take a deep breath, the only cure to puppy fever is having your puppy in your arms. That will happen soon enough! They aren’t puppies for long so enjoy every wag, kiss, piddle on the floor, mouthing your hands and hanging on your pant legs! They are worth it!

Welcome to our LillyBits Family!